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Alternative forms of Punishment

Grounding: When grounding a child, parents may withdraw one or more privileges from a child for a specified period of time. Alternatively, parents may chose to assign additional household tasks to a child as a result of undesirable behaviours E.g. No TV, or dishwashing every evening.


Limiting leisure activities:  Parents may ban a child from engaging in usually social activities that the child enjoys, for a specified period of time. E.g. No movies with friends on the weekend.


Time out: During a time out, a child is sent to sit or stand alone in a corner, or some other location, for a specified duration of time; during this time, the child is not allowed to engage in conversation with parents or siblings. 


Limit interaction: Parents limit interaction with a child when they refuse to give a misbehaving child the attention that he or she wants, thereby discouraging the undesired behavior. It includes a reduction in the verbal or physical interaction with the child for a specified period of time. E.g. When a child gives a tantrum because he or she does not get what is asked for.


Explain appropriate behavior: Parents should give clear instructions to their children of the type of behavior that is expected from them. E.g. Explain to your child that he or she should not play near to the stove.


Explain effect of undesired behaviour: Parents should help children to understand the effect of undesired behavior.

E.g. Explain to your child what will happen if he or she plays by the rules or doesn't.

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