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This document contains answers to frequently asked questions on the Children’s Registry.  The list is by no means exhaustive, as such, if your question is not listed, make a submission to the Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR) so we can have it included.


Reports may also be emailed to or sent via the Child Abuse Reporting System (CARS) Blackberry Application which may be downloaded for free from Blackberry App World.

Ananda Alert Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different ways in which one may report a missing child?

- By visiting the nearest police station or by calling 119

- By calling 1-888-PROTECT (1-888-776-8328), 908-2132 or 822-7031 (LIME), 618-5888 or 878-2882 (DIGICEL)

or 631-8933/631-8908 (FLOW). 

   The Registration Centre is open to receive calls on Mondays to Fridays between 7:00am-11:00pm.


- By visiting the:

1. OCR Registration Centres at 12 Carlton Crescent, Kingston 10,

2.  Lot 19 Caledonia Mall, Manchester, 

3.  Lee Sin Tyre Centre, Shop 15-16 Windsor Road, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann

4. Shop 10, Hendon Plaza, Savanalamar, Westmoreland

- By faxing your report to 908-2579 or emailing it to

What is the Ananda Alert system?

Ananda Alert replaced Red Alert and is the nationwide alert system designed to ensure a speedy and safe recovery of a child (under 18 years) in the unfortunate event that he/she cannot be located by a caregiver

What is the role of the Ananda Alert Secretariat?

The Ananda Alert Secretariat receives information supplied by persons who are required to make a   report because they suspect that a child has been missing or abducted:

·                     Refers reports of missing children to the Police within 30 minutes or less

·                     Follow up with coordinators of the search and rescue teams in each parish

·                     Maintain a repository comprising reports of missing children

·                     Conduct public education to raise awareness about missing children and reporting procedures

What is the role of the Office of the Children’s Registry?

The OCR receives, records, assesses and refers reports of a child who has been, is being or is likely to be:

§  Trafficked or engaged in child labour

§  Neglected or abandoned

§  Physically, sexually, emotionally ill-treated

§  Reported as missing

Reports are also collected for children who:

§  Are in need of care and protection

§  Exhibit behavioural problems

The reports received by the OCR are investigated by the Child Development Agency, the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, Trafficking in Persons Unit and/or the Office of the Children’s Advocate.

What should be included in a missing child report?

     A report should include enough information to help the authorities and other search and rescue teams identify and locate the child in question. Vital information to be included is:

i.            Name, age, sex and address of child

ii.            Date and time the child went missing

iii.            Clothes that the child was wearing when last seen

iv.            Location that the child was last seen

v.            Photo of missing child

vi.            Any outstanding identification marks (eg. scars, disabilities etc.)

vii.            Any other information that the reporter has which can assist in the intervention and completion of the report

What will be done when a child is recovered or found?

i.            Parents/caregivers must notify the Police and the Ananda Alert Secretariat immediately of the child’s return

ii.           Relevant agencies will provide legal, medical, psycho-social or other support to the child and family members/caregivers if necessary

iii.          The public will be updated on the status of the child 

When should one make a report of a missing child?

i.            A case of missing child must be reported immediately for investigation to any rank of the police force without waiting for any time period to elapse and no one making such a report should be sent away. 

ii.            A report should be made when a parent, guardian or caregiver is unable to account for the child after a reasonable time has passed

iii.            If you do not have all of the needed information, any additionalinformation can be submitted at a later time. Time is everything!

Why do we need an Ananda Alert system?

i.            To provide  rapid response from law enforcers, agencies and communities to recover a missing child

ii.            To increase the awareness of the public about a child who is missing

iii.            To galvanize communities in the search and rescue of a missing child

iv.            To manage the timely dissemination of progress reports and statistics on missing children and other related issues

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